Changes for 5.11

REST API deployment triggers

Now you can trigger deployments using the REST API.

For more information, see the documentation and REST API deployment triggers for Bamboo.

BAM-13501 - REST API for deployments OPEN

Remote triggers

We've fixed the following issue:

BAM-17385 - Commits to Bitbucket Server repositories should not be lost due to build concurrency limits RESOLVED

Plan directory information REST API

Removed methods

Bamboo 5.11 has removed some methods without first deprecating them. We'll bring back these methods with the next Bamboo 5.11.x release. We've removed the following:

getBuildDataDirectory(String); use getBuildDataDirectory(Key)
getBuildDownloadDataDirectory(String); use getBuildDownloadDataDirectory(Key)
getBuildResultsDirectory(String); use getBuildResultsDirectory(Key)
getBuildLogsDirectory(String); use SystemDirectory.getBuildLogsDirectory(Key)
getLogRelativePath() (deprecated in 5.8); use getLogRelativePath(String)
getLogFile() (deprecated in 5.8); no replacement
getBuildDirectoryName(int); no replacement
getArtifactStorage(); use getArtifactDirectoryBuilder()

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