Changes for 5.8


This page is intended for Bamboo plugin developers to inform them of changes in Bamboo 5.8 that could affect their plugins. Bamboo users should consult the documentation here instead.

Summary of Changes

Required update of 

Bamboo 5.8 dropped upgrade compatibility for pre-4.0 versions. This might also affect plugin developers who created integration tests for their plugins.

Consider this POM for a typical Bamboo plugin:


During integration-test phase maven-bamboo-plugin will use com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins:bamboo-plugin-test-resources:3.2.2 to provide a home directory for Bamboo 5.7.2 instance. This will work because Bamboo 5.7.2 supports upgrading from version 3.2.2. In order to bump bamboo.version in the plugin POM one would also require to bump as well. Please use Maven search to find most appropriate stable version.

One of the possible options would be using those versions:

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