Pre-Build Action Module


Bamboo 1.1 and later

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The PreBuildAction module allows you to define a custom process that runs before your build begins.

This will occur immediately before the builder begins execution. The PreBuildAction will have access to the BuildResults object which contains the information for the build.


Pre Build Action modules must implement the interface.

Sample Module Descriptor Element

<preBuildAction key="vcsVersion" name="VCS Version Collector"
    <description>A custom action that reads the identifier of a source repository version and stores it into the
    custom data map of a build.</description>
    <resource type="freemarker" name="edit" location="templates/plugins/preBuildAction/vcsVersionReaderEdit.ftl"/>
    <resource type="freemarker" name="view" location="templates/plugins/preBuildAction/vcsVersionReaderView.ftl"/>
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