Developer Posts

Today we announced Stride, the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. Learn how to apply to our early access program to build apps using the new Stride API.

Git(CVE-2017-1000117), Mercurial(CVE-2017-1000115, CVE-2017-1000116) and SVN(CVE-2017-9800) recently released fixes for vulnerabilities in their client-side applications that could lead to remote code execution on the victims machine.

Advanced user search for JIRA Cloud

Security vulnerability for all supported major release lines of Node.js. Download the latest versions and update your production environments.

At Atlassian Summit in San Jose, we'll be offering a half-day, hands on trainingon September 12, 1:30pm to 5pm, on Atlassian Connect.

Codegeist adds $10,000 best Trello Power-Up prize to the contest

In Atlassian's Kubernetes platform team, we're working to bring the existing Kubernetes clusters under one team's management; to arrive at some standard tooling, build processes, and workflow to build the Kubernetes clusters that are running internal workloads. This is the result.

Introducing kubetoken, an open source took to time limit tokens for Kubernetes cluster access.

How the Atlassian Kubernetes team designed the architecture for our internal Kubernetes platform that runs on AWS

Do you have a problem in your Git history where the same person appears with different usernames or emails? Check out the Git way to solve the problem.