Bitbucket Server now available in the Atlassian Plugin SDK

The latest version of the Atlassian Plugin SDK now has support for Bitbucket Server.

Get the SDK

You can get the latest version by either downloading the latest installer, running atlas-update or using your favorite Package Management software, like Homebrew. Once you have the latest Atlassian Plugin SDK you can then use the atlas commands with bitbucket. For example...

You can start a version of Bitbucket Server for development of add-ons with the following command:

$ atlas-run-standalone --product bitbucket

You can create a Bitbucket Server add-on skeleton by running the following command:

$ atlas-create-bitbucket-plugin

You can run the add-on and attach it to the server with a debugger attached at port 5005:

$ atlas-debug

Get the SDK

Need more help?

Have questions or issues with the SDK the best place to ask is over at Atlassian Answers.