Tip of the Week - Triggering a Bamboo build from Bitbucket

Welcome to another Tip of the Week, today we are going to take a look at how you can integrate Bitbucket and Bamboo in such a way that a commit in Bitbucket will trigger an automatic build in Bamboo.

First we need to create our Bitbucket repository as a Linked repository in Bamboo.

Linked repository screen in Bamboo

Then we'll need to create a build plan for the code in this repository.

Bamboo build plan

We must take special care to create the right trigger:

Configure the correct trigger

Next up we need to go to our Bitbucket repository and create a Bamboo service.

Bamboo service in Bitbucket.

That's it, if you now push your changes to Bitbucket the Bamboo build will be triggered automatically.

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