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The JIRA development team is proud to announce that the first Early Access Program (EAP) release of JIRA 7 is now available. JIRA 7 is the biggest JIRA release ever. There are a large number of API changes and library changes, so now is the time to begin testing your add-on. Download the JIRA 7 EAP today and check out the preparing for JIRA 7 development guide.

This is a follow up to our previous reminder about the JIRA SOAP API. The JIRA SOAP API will be removed from JIRA Cloud on July 6.

Remember February 2013? Pope Benedict XVI resigned, Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl, and Atlassian announced that JIRA's SOAP and XML-RPC APIs would be deprecated in JIRA 6.0. Fast-forward two years and we're approaching the next major milestone in our journey: the SOAP and XML-RPC API modules will be removed from JIRA Cloud soon and in the 7.0 release of JIRA Server.