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AtlasCamp Once a year developers from all over the world get together for Atlassian’s premier developer conference: AtlasCamp. You can learn how to customize and integrate JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat, Bamboo, and Stash, helping your team work even faster. And if you want to take your developer skills to the next level with Git, CI, CD, Docker and more, you should be at AtlasCamp.

In today's software markets it's increasingly important to be agile and have the ability to release fast and often. The recent release of the new HipChat web client shows us why in a neat example. In a recent blog post from our HipChat web engineers they detail the issues they saw when they brought their new architecture online for the first time at scale.

For some time we've provided an API compatiblity-checking service to plugin developers – We built this service some years ago ostensibly so you could more easily check if any product Java API you are using is or isn't a public supported API. We're retiring this service shortly.

Have you ever considered that the same awesome Atlassian products or applications that allow you to track, build and collaborate can help you as you're developing an add-on?

The maintainers of the Git and Mercurial open source projects have identified a vulnerability in the Git and Mercurial clients for Macintosh and Windows operating systems that could allow critical files to be overwritten with unwanted files, including executables.

90 percent of American schools don’t teach computer science. Fewer students are learning how computers work than a decade ago. Girls and minorities are severely underrepresented in technology. And yet, technology is increasingly shaping almost every aspect of how we live our lives all over the world. Here at Atlassian, we're putting our money where our mouth is and are supporting in order to help teach girls and boys the basics of computer science.

Our developer relations team has recently been hard at work building a better Today, we're excited to launch a whole new experience; a new landing page, a fresh new view of our content in Confluence, and our new developer blog.