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Professional teams that produce quality software often employ alightweight process to safeguard the introduction of new or updated code totheir stable branches. A code approval policy is an agreement within a singleteam or an entire organization to follow a set of rules regarding how and whencode is accepted into the main lines of a project, on the way to reach"production" and final distribution.

Seven years ago at Agile 2008, Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer were the only people interested in Agile Infrastructure. This year at Agile 2015, DevOps is a full-fledged track. Just like conference tracks, many teams concurrently pursue the perceived benefits of Agile and DevOps. Unfortunately, they often do so without building a shared understanding of the journey ahead. The Agile Fluency model has already been useful to help align team and business expectations. What can we apply those ideas to help the DevOps cultural movement avoid the same missteps?