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Over time, I've refined my Arduino workflow using common commandline tools. Here's how I'm able to easily build and deploy microcontroller code to Arduino boards using Bamboo.

This week I'll show you how to connect Bamboo and Bitbucket Cloud.And how this integration will help you build better software faster.

This week I'll show you how to connect Bamboo and Bitbucket Server.And how this integration will help you build better software faster.

If you're a beginner, the terminology of Continuous Integration can turn you away. Look beneath the ugly words at the beautiful and powerful techniques you can use in your team right now.

The Bamboo development team is proud to announce that the first Early Access Program (EAP) release of Bamboo 5.10.0 is now available. There are a large number of API changes and library changes, so now is the time to begin testing and planning new compatibility for your add-on.

This week's article will explain how you can trigger a build in Bamboo bycommitting changes in your Bitbucket repository. It's easy to do and will makeyour CI experience so much smoother.

Bamboo provides the powerful ability to dynamically scale your build farm by launching swarms of build agents on Amazon's infrastructure. These AWS images are fully customisable, but the process is a bit involved. This post introduces a simpler method of doing this using Packer and Ansible. Read on for the details (and a ready-to-use example repository) ...

This week's tip comes from the Bamboo documentation, with some extra explanation provided by Rafael from the Bamboo support team. We always recommend taking the steps to secure publicly-accessible hosts to prevent unauthorized access or packet capture.

This week's Tip of the Week is a clever idea for automating Puppet deploys using Stash and Bamboo. Many thanks to Peter Van de Voorde of RealDolmen for this idea.

This week's tip also comes to us from Wittified's Daniel Wester, who shares his strategies for trouble-free Bamboo test plan creation.

This week, we're highlighting a tip from Jim Bethancourt of Triple Point Technologies about configuring Maven in your Bamboo remote agents. If you use multiple agents on the same machine, this neat trick will ensure the agents have a consistent configuration each time out.

Back in December I did a webinar on some of the advantages of using git with your Bamboo pipeline, leveraging some of the Bamboo and Stash integrations to create a feed-back loop of quality control. The transcript for this webinar is now available below the fold...