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Get informed about performance improvements waiting for you in Jira Softaware 8.0

We're happy to announce a handful of enhancements to Jira Cloud REST APIs, modules and webhooks.

Sign up to participate in the alpha program for the new Jira Cloud issue view

Find out what new capabilities and improvements were recently delivered for Jira Cloud apps developers.

Codegeist adds $10,000 best Trello Power-Up prize to the contest

Check out all the practical improvements for add-on and integration developers that were recently delivered by JIRA Cloud Ecosystem team.

You have a cool idea about an Atlassian Connect add-on and you are still in love with Java. This guide will give you a real example and show you what it takes to turn your web app into a Connect add-on.

We recently announced that our developer documentation site was undergoing some major updates. As of today, the beta is now fully live on

We're excited to announce the beta release of our redesigned developer site. The new site is available at Come check it out!

We're happy to announce a new Connect module for JIRA: the Time Tracking Provider module. With the Time Tracking Provider module, JIRA administrators can add alternate time tracking tools and select which one should be displayed. This hides JIRA's native fields and buttons for time tracking so that add-ons can provide their own time tracking models. That way, users aren't confused about where to track time.

Atlassian Tech TV is a new project that takes you inside Atlassianwhere you get to hear how we make software directly from members of Atlassian'ssoftware teams. We kick off with a series of one-on-one interviews as I chatwith some of our most talented people from roles across engineering, design,QA, and product management.

Earlier this year, we moved comments on to Atlassian Answers, and now we're moving comments from documentation pages on to match. We will provide links and integrations with Atlassian Answers to give you a place to ask questions and get support. Disqus comments on blog posts, such as this post, will remain.

Share knowledge: you'll learn, teach, and work with code you might have missed. Often you understand the code better at the end of a pairing session becuase each of you were asking "why?" more than when you work alone.

In this installment of our video podcast DevDen Open Office Hours, we discuss our migration to a new blogging platform and its implications at merge time, the Better Pull Request blog, some advice for handling conflicts for newbies to Git, and other exciting topics.

For some time we've provided an API compatiblity-checking service to plugin developers – We built this service some years ago ostensibly so you could more easily check if any product Java API you are using is or isn't a public supported API. We're retiring this service shortly.

Our developer relations team has recently been hard at work building a better Today, we're excited to launch a whole new experience; a new landing page, a fresh new view of our content in Confluence, and our new developer blog.