Posts about DVCS

Git LFS 1.2 is out, and I'd like to share a little tip that can improve your clone times by a factor of 10 or more!

Need to store large media files in Git? We're making major contributions to the Git LFS open source project to help make this happen! Want to know how this came about? What follows is a true story...

Last week, we had an amazing 10th anniversary meetup for Mercurial! Sean Farley invited Facebook's Ryan McElroy told us about an exciting open source extension to Mercurial that the team at Facebook has been using for some time now. As with most commercial software endeavors, the code base at Facebook grows every day, and as a result specific operations can be time consuming. You can watch the talk here, or read my summary below.

As our repositories grow large and complicated, it can seem impossible to find when specific strings of text were introduced to the repository. While the git blame command does great for showing you the most recent modification of the line, how do we find the earliest, especially considering that line numbers shift as commits and merges happen?