Posts about Editors

While I prefer Sublime Text, my colleague, Nicola, prefers Vim. While we both have Macs, I sometimes work on my Windows desktop. Sharing work across these environments sometimes creates a whitespace conflict. Nicola's Vim put tabs to indent in shell script, instead of spaces. Or my Sublime Text on Windows put extra control characters at the end every line of Python. And, unless you are programming with whitespace, then you probably know how painful this can be. Fortunately, there are a couple tools you can use to avoid the most common whitespace problems.

As I've mentioned before, I'm gradually working towards my grey-beard badge so for most of my programming I tend to use Emacs. However when I moved into the order-systems team I adopted IntelliJ IDEA, which is our weapon of choice for Java development at Atlassian. This is because while Emacs is a great text editor, IntelliJ takes a holistic and semantic view of your project, something that is necessary with Java's verbosity and file-based classes. In particular, its on-the-fly tracking of the project syntax tree enables complex refactoring and clean-ups, either automated or by the more brute method of just changing something and seeing what turns red in the editor.