Posts about Golang

Building a well documented command line interface is hard. Learn how to take advantage of Go and Kingpin to produce a user friendly command line tool with Bash and Zsh completion.

If you are a Go programmer you know how easy it is to whip up an application that speaks HTTP. Go was born for the task. So it will come as no surprise that it's possible to create an Atlassian Connect for HipChat add-on with less than two hundred lines of commented code. What will this code accomplish? A new custom command /test_hook, installable on any channel you are administrator of:

Recently I've been writing a service in Go to enhance the projects dashboard on Bitbucket - if you haven't heard we launched Atlassian Connect for Bitbucket as a way for anyone to build add-ons for three millions of Bitbucket users out there. Like many other Gophers I've been happily deploying my Go services using Docker. The process is smooth and pleasurable if not for one thing: the size of the official default Go image.

This year I have been choosing Go for all my coding projects. Go is brilliantly fast, simple to pick up, it has a powerful concurrency model based on message passing, and no forced - always on - object orientation. My impressions are similar to the ones many have previously articulated well - for example see "Go is unapologetically flawed..." or the hilarious "Four Days of Go". Add to those a fair bit of gesticulation and enthusiastic jumping around and you get what I think.