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Security vulnerability for all supported major release lines of Node.js. Download the latest versions and update your production environments.

In What the Web Platform can learn from Node.js, we explored the benefits of narrowly scoped abstractions created by developers for developers. Let's learn how and why you should bring this same style of development to your own web frontend.

As web developers, we've all come to appreciate the layer of sanity that libraries like jQuery slather atop the inconsistencies and awkwardness of what the platform provides. What was once constructing an XMLHTTPRequest object over a handful of lines becomes a single-line invocation of $.ajax, and interaction with the DOM through jQuery rarely involves platform-specific hacks and workarounds.

I've written hundreds of Bash scripts over my career, but I still suck at Bash. I have to look up the syntax for simple logical structures every single time. If I want to do anything fancy with curl or sed, I have to go and look up man pages too. I spend hours brute forcing every possible combination of single and double quotes and escaping and double-escaping every character in my regular expressions until I get something that looks like abstract ASCII art, all while trying to remember the difference between grep and perl regular expressions.

At Atlassian, we have add-ons we develop and use to enable more powerful workflows within our products. Using Atlassian Connect, we can write those add-ons in any language. We often write those add-ons using Node.js. But once in a while we run into a performance problem with an add-on. I had to learn how to profile a Node.js app, so we could live happier lives with less waiting.

Late last week, there were new releases for both Node.js and io.js that addressed a recent critical security concern. A bug in the V8 JavaScript engine was found that could cause a denial of service attack. Vendors with add-ons running Node.js or io.js in production may want to upgrade your servers.

On May 27th, JavaScript developers descended onto Amelia Island, Florida for JSConf 2015. Atlassian again, sponsored this years Node Rockets hack day event.

Last month, Atlassian was a proud supporter of the Node Summit in San Francisco. We were there to talk to developers about using NodeJS to build add-on microservices for Atlassian Cloud products. Earlier this week, Node Summit released the videos from the 2015 Conference.
Building an add-on with Node? Here are a few useful sessions!

Last week, Twitter was abuzz about an initial release of io.js. io.js is an npm compatible platform originally based on Node.js and is a fork of Joyent's Node.js.