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In this video you'll see me use the pre-release version of Docker Machine (0.3.0) to deploy a 3 node swarm on Digital Ocean and use label constraints to deploy our Java based enterprise Git server Stash and PostgreSQL.

It's that time of year again! Time for Atlassian's San Francisco office to be insanely jealous of our counterparts down under. Specifically, we're jealous of the Sydney office's graduate program: the Atlassian HackHouse.

In the US offices of Atlassian, we're celebrating Pi Day tomorrow, 3/14/15, by installing Atlassian Stash onto a Raspberry Pi 2. Like many engineers with a background in embedded systems, I am gobsmacked to hear that the new Raspberry Pi 2 provides a full gig of RAM and a proper quad-core processor for USD 35, and I could hardly wait to try it out with a commercial Java app! With a slim five watt power requirement and solid state construction, it's an incredible value. If you are ever called to send DVCS on a rocketship to the moon, you will be hard pressed to find a more suitable candidate.

Even if it's still in early stages of development, Docker Machine is a very powerful tool, one of the three very intriguing new pieces of the Docker ecosystem - the other ones being compose and swarm. What does Docker machine do? It allows you to create and manage Docker hosts on local machines or cloud providers.

Back in December I did a webinar on some of the advantages of using git with your Bamboo pipeline, leveraging some of the Bamboo and Stash integrations to create a feed-back loop of quality control. The transcript for this webinar is now available below the fold...

One of my favorite Stash features is its plugin system. Since Stash is a git repository host, 99% of Stash users are software developers. And since developers often like to scratch their own itch, we've invested heavily in extensibility and customization to make plugins both powerful and simple to write. In this 30 minute video tutorial, I'll walk you through building, deploying and debugging a simple repository hook plugin, from scratch.