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We’re quickly approaching the final days of Stride and Hipchat Cloud - theseproducts will be discontinued on February 15, 2019. All Stride and Hipchat CloudAPIs, developer support, and Marketplace support tickets will remain availablethrough Feb 15, 2019; Stride and Hipchat Cloud services will shut down afterthis date.

Today, we're announcing a new strategic partnership between Atlassian and Slack.

Today we announce the Stride Developer Toolkit

More apps are available and more users are installing apps in Stride. Developers love working with the API and are giving back to the community. Learn more about building apps in Stride.

In this post, we round up all recent Ecosystem news.

Streamline Cloud Deployment with Atlassian tools and Heroku

Today we announced Stride, the complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. Learn how to apply to our early access program to build apps using the new Stride API.