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In a recent interview with Confluence developer Denise Unterwurzacher for Atlassian Tech TV, in addition to discussing the role of technical support in Atlassian and her move from that role to software development, we also tackled the topic of women in tech. In all honesty, I was nervous even asking her about it because while it's an important topic, I didn't want to put her on the spot and suggest that just because she is a woman in tech that she would want to dig into the subject on camera. As it turned out, Denise was not only keen to share her experiences, but she also provided some fascinating insights and a couple of stories that completely surprised me.

Atlassian Tech TV is a new project that takes you inside Atlassianwhere you get to hear how we make software directly from members of Atlassian'ssoftware teams. We kick off with a series of one-on-one interviews as I chatwith some of our most talented people from roles across engineering, design,QA, and product management.

Follow along or just sit back and enjoy a live, hands on tutorial on the power routines of experienced git users. We'll explore with real world examples how to amend commits, do an interactive rebase - and why would you want to do one in the first place, how to solve conflicts without any merge tools, the power of less known merge strategies, how to do interactive commits, and much more.

Video conferencing systems are complex. They have evolved over the decades, along with hardware and software, to be much more accessible and affordable. But they are still complex and will remain to be so. In this post we will introduce our approach to one of the important problems – that of scaling the number of participants – and show how our solution also helps us to provide a better user experience.

Today I have an overview of the new developments in the Docker ecosystem. I'll explain briefly what Docker is and how it is evolving from a tool to package applications and easily distribute them to a set of tools to orchestrate and manage loosely or tightly coupled cloud solutions.