Last updated Jan 24, 2023

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Contributor's Guide


  • An IntelliJ IDEA code style xml file codestyle.xml is contained at the root of this repository
  • This file is aligned with the checkstyle.xml and can be used to automate code formatting in IntelliJ
    • Note: Checkstyle violations will cause a failure in the build process
  • How to automate formatting in IntelliJ in a style consistent with the standards contained in the checkstyle.xml:
    • Open Preferences (⌘,)
    • Go to Editor > Code Style > Java
    • Click on the settings cog to the right of the dropdown
    • Select Import Scheme > IntelliJ IDEA code style XML
    • Select the codestyle.xml file from the root of this repository
    • Go to Tools > Actions on Save
    • Check the box next to "Reformat code"
    • Configure the scope to "Changed lines"
    • Click OK
  • Caveat: There may be some edge cases not covered by the codestyle.xml, but enforced by the checkstyle.xml
    • You will have to fix any of these issues manually
    • Please contribute to the codestyle.xml if you see an opportunity to improve the alignment with the checkstyle.xml

Pull Request Guidelines

  • Always include the Jira Issue in the branch name (e.g. ARGS-1234-feature-name)
  • Make sure the branch build is green ✅ (make sure mvn test passes)
  • Make sure the branch is up to date with master
  • It's OK to have multiple small commits as you work on the PR - Bitbucket will automatically squash it before merging.
  • Please provide a detailed description in the PR request, including links to any relevant document (e.g. tech spec)
  • Features/Bugfixes should have accompany test updated/added

Project Structure

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