Last updated Oct 24, 2022

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Read Flow

When admin-portfolio service (APS) is queried, the elasticsearch database will be used to search, sort, paginate, and filter data. However, for sited products, the data returned to the client is fetched from the provider (TCS). For Bitbucket and Trello, the data is returned directly from the elasticsearch database.

Validation and Reconciliation:

At read-time, a validation event is emitted to ensure that the provider data and APS elasticsearch data are still in sync. This message is expected to arrive at the SQS Queue: rps-stg-east-admin-portfolio-workspace-events-process-queue, but it is not stored in any S3 bucket.

APS elasticsearch data is checked against the provider data. If the elasticsearch data does not match the provider data, a reconciliation event is emitted. This event is expected to arrive at the SQS Queue: rps-stg-east-admin-portfolio-tlt-streamhub-consumer-queue and the message will be stored in the S3 Bucket: rps--stg-east--admin-portfolio--payload-store-cp. This event is handled via the ingestion flow, mimicking the process as if it were a provider-emitted event.

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