Last updated Nov 22, 2022

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What is service readiness?

Service readiness is a measure of how ready your service is for being used in a production environment. The service readiness scorecard helps ensure that your service has reached a certain level of maturity before launch to avoid any problems that may arise later.

An easy way to measure readiness is by using a scorecard or a checklist with predefined criteria. The more criteria a service fulfills, the more ready it is for use. You can also quantify the readiness by assigning scores to the service for each criterion it fulfills. The overall score gained by the service becomes a measure of the service’s health.

The readiness score not only helps you to assess a service’s readiness but also enables you to identify the areas where it needs improvement. This way, you can ensure that your teams follow the best practices to maintain a high-quality standard for your service.

Your Compass site comes with a default service readiness scorecard for service components. It measures the production readiness based on criteria such as adding a component owner team, adding documentation for the component, adding a chat channel, etc. The scorecard helps ensure that users of your service have access to its resources and its important information is available to them. Learn more about the default service readiness scorecard

The default service readiness scorecard isn’t applied to components of the capability, cloud resource, data pipeline, machine learning model, UI element, and website types. We're working on adding this feature for components like this.

For now, create new scorecards or apply available scorecards to components of these types.

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