Last updated Aug 23, 2023

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Partner API (PAPI) is a suite of APIs that are/will be created to provide Solution Partners and Resellers programmatic access to their data (catalog, accounts, customer entitlements, subscriptions, quotes, orders, invoices, etc.) Additionally, the APIs help partners integrate their existing CRM (Salesforce) or custom applications with Atlassian-managed data.


In the legacy billing system there's no public API that Atlassian supports, and our partners have adopted a workaround with data provided from the UI to integrate their system programmatically. This data is consumed by partners using a variety of techniques including APIs, web scraping, and PDF data extraction. The system migration from the legacy system to the cloud billing engine caused a significant impact on these existing integrations. With our new APIs, partners can more quickly and efficiently consume their data and gain the ability to better serve their customers through more strategic integration with the cloud billing engine.


The vision is to build these APIs to:

  • Increase API adoption wherever applicable
  • Support Partners in building a successful business for customers using Atlassian products
  • Help partners adopt the changes in the Atlassian system (data model) seamlessly with less disruption
  • Build trust and data consistency
  • Help partners onboard to the Atlassian vision and strategy by engaging them early on new launches

The strategy we plan to use for PAPI is to onboard partners to some of the existing integrations, as well as provide us with a launch pad for building new capabilities and progressively rolling out future APIs based on requirement and future demands.

The strategy is primarily built on the Engage → Enhance → Evolve model.

The current strategy is to enable Partners to:

  • Engage customers by integrating the Atlassian product catalog and making it accessible on the Partner Purchasing Center
  • Enhance their existing business by providing a customer view of subscriptions. This will:
    • Help them make better decisions on new offerings, upgrades, etc.
    • Help partners with cashflow and forecasting by providing a view on upcoming and pending renewals
  • Evolve further by onboarding new customers to Atlassian in a faster and better way. For example, we’ll be providing self-serve capabilities on quotes, estimates, etc.

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