Confluence provides an icon sprite which can be reused by using recommended markup. It will ensure that extra requests for images aren't made uncessarily and you will also get new versions of the icons, when they change.

Simple add a span with class icon and one of the icon types below to display a Confluence icon:

  • icon-space
  • icon-personal-space
  • icon-user
  • icon-home-page
  • icon-page
  • icon-add-page
  • icon-blogpost
  • icon-mail
  • icon-status
  • icon-show-more
  • icon-show-less
  • icon-file-pdf
  • icon-file-image
  • icon-file-html
  • icon-file-xml
  • icon-file-java
  • icon-file-text
  • icon-file-zip
  • icon-file-word
  • icon-file-excel
  • icon-file-powerpoint
  • icon-file-unknown
  • icon-remove
  • icon-edit
  • icon-tick
  • icon-cross
  • icon-add-fav
  • icon-remove-fav

The following example markup will display the page icon:

<span class="icon icon-page">Test Page</span>
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