Atlassian UI Updates in Confluence 5.0

Confluence 5.0 will include a major upgrade of AUI (the Atlassian User Interface) to AUI 5.0 to bring Confluence in line with the new Atlassian Design Guidelines. This will also update the version of jQuery that Confluence supports.

There will be visual changes to the appearance of Atlassian UI. Your plugin will look different if it uses AUI. If it does not yet use AUI, your plugin will look out of place in Confluence 5.0. We recommend that you follow the new Atlassian Design Guidelines.

We will be incrementally upgrading AUI in each of our 5.0 EAP releases, starting with Confluence 5.0-m3 available in early November 2012.

Sections updated

The table below shows which screens have been updated thus far. Our goal is to minimise markup changes within each screen. Any markup changes are highlighted in the table.

Screen Updated
Updated In
Markup Changes Impact
Login M3 Login and signup split into two separate views. Low. May have some impact on theme developers looking to style the login page.
Login M3 Buttons for login and sign up updated to use AUI. Medium. Theme developers will need to override AUI button styles.
Login M3 New sitemesh decorator for login page. Low. May have some impact on theme developers looking to style the login page.
Login M3 New markup added for login / signup switch. Low. New markup may need to be updated to use a different style.
Dashboard M3 None in m3.  
View page and blog M3

No markup changes in m3, some elements of the page have been moved with CSS rather than the more conventional route of changing markup. This may change in future milestones.

Editor M3 None in m3.  
Space Admin M3

Added "aui" class to forms/tables. Buttons and input elements updated to use AUI. Some wrapper divs or and extra classes added.


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