Adapting a theme for Confluence 5.0


This note applies to Confluence 5.0.


As described in Preparing for Confluence 5.0, a new sidebar is introduced for spaces.

Themes can choose whether the sidebar is visible.

Where are the items of the Browse menu displayed?

As explained in Preparing for Confluence 5.0, the Browse menu was replaced by the Advanced links in the space sidebar.

For legacy reasons, it is still displayed in some situations:

Location Theme Displayed Screenshot
system.browse All In the Help menu. With Space sidebar In the contextual navigation of the Advanced section

Without Space sidebar

(Example: Documentation Theme)

In the Browse menu

WARNING: Deprecated. Themes will need to handle it in future versions. Themes which do not use the sidebar can define their own way of displaying navigation elements.


Themes which do not override decorators (page.vmd, blogpost.vmd, space.vmd)

If you want to display the sidebar in your theme, you only need to declare <space-ia value="true"/> in your theme definition:

<theme key="simpletheme" name="Simple Theme" class="com.atlassian.confluence.themes.BasicTheme">
    <description>A simple custom theme</description>
    <param name="includeClassicStyles" value="false"/>
    <resource type="download" name="default-theme.css" location="/includes/css/default-theme.css">
        <param name="source" value="webContext"/>
    <space-ia value="true"/>

Themes which override decorators

If a theme overrides space.vmd, page.vmd or blogpost.vmd, it redefines the way a space is displayed. It is the theme's responsibility to display the appropriate navigation. Refer to the file space.vmd in the source of Confluence to update your template.

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