Atlassian Design Guidelines1.3

Design principles, components, patterns and guidance for building awesome Atlassian products and add-ons

Making users kickass

We want our users to kick ass

We build our products for our users, and we value their choices. We aim to use patterns consistently so that our users don't need to re-learn them every time. And we always play to the strength and flexibility of our products, combined with pretty sensible defaults.

Just enough

Just enough is more

Atlassian products are about getting your work done as effectively as possible. Inspired by Bauhaus and its focus on functional design, we aim to provide just enough design to create an awesome experience. When in doubt, leave it out.

Making developer kickass

We want our developers to kick ass

Our aim is to rationalize our design decisions as much as possible so that others can quickly build on them. The design guidelines are built with the Atlassian UI framework (AUI). The AUI flat pack is great for rapid prototyping.


Get the AUI flat pack

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