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Below is the code from the JIRA Introduction gadget.

Note about Path to Resource

Note that the resource com.atlassian.jira.gadgets:common is specific to JIRA.

The path to the Atlassian Gadgets JavaScript Framework is as follows:
  • In Atlassian Gadgets 1.0.x, the JavaScript framework is available in JIRA only and is not part of the Atlassian Gadgets framework. The path in JIRA 4.0.x is:
  • In Atlassian Gadgets 2.0 and later, the JavaScript framework has been extracted from JIRA and made part of the Gadgets framework. The path is:

The JIRA Introduction Gadget


Creating your Gadget XML Specification

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  1. Unknown User (dvdsmpsn)

    The "JIRA Introduction gadget" link goes to a 403/forbidden. Could this be updated to something viewable by all? Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    April 14. The link is still goes to "forbidden" page.

  3. Anonymous

    The link is still goes to "403/forbidden" page.