Overriding the application's webapp when developing your plugin

The Atlassian Plugin SDK makes it easy to override any component of the application's webapp.

  1. Create a src/test/resources/***-app directory, where *** is the name of the application you're developing your plugin against. For example confluence.
  2. To this directory add the resources you want to add (or override) following the webapp directory structure.

Now when you run your application via atlas-run, atlas-debug and/or atlas-integration-test, it will use the updated WAR built from the application configured in your pom.xml and the added resources you have defined.


This can be useful for example to disable the velocity caches by overriding velocity.properties when developing a Confluence plugin.

Create a src/test/resources/confluence-app/WEB-INF/classes/velocity.properties file specifying the properties as defined in the Confluence developer documentation. That's it.

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