Specifying a particular version of the host application

The atlas-run command will download the latest version of the application binaries into your local Maven repository. If you want to develop against a version of the host application other than the very latest, you can specify the version to use as a parameter of your atlas-run command.

For example, let's assume you want to use Confluence 3.1:

  1. Run atlas-clean.
  2. Run atlas-run -v 3.1
    or atlas-run --version 3.1.

(info) Alternatively, you can permanently change the application version number in the dependencies section of your POM. Note that your POM may use a property to hold the version number, like this:


You plugin will always build and deploy against this version, until you change this property.

For example, if you are happy to use Confluence 3.1 for a while, you would change the version to the following:

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