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Customize JIRA and Confluence in the cloud

Atlassian Connect enables rich UI integrations for JIRA and Confluence OnDemand. Welcome to the future of add-ons for SaaS applications.

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Powerful plugins for your application

Running Atlassian applications on your server means ultimate flexibility. Build custom plugins for JIRA, Confluence, and our developer tools.

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One Marketplace for every add-on

The Atlassian Marketplace is a one stop shop for add-ons for any Atlassian product. For commercial add-ons, Atlassian handles licensing, billing, and renewals so you can focus on your code.

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AtlasCamp 2014

Part conference, part meetup, AtlasCamp is the can't-miss event for Atlassian developers. It's coming to Berlin June 3-5.

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Atlassian Dev Den

Dev Den is Atlassian's recurring meetup, where thought leaders share lessons from the trenches of software development.

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