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Atlassian's developer relations team keeps in touch with the community in a number of different ways. Read further to see how you can get updates from the ecosystem.

News and Blogs

The Atlassian Developer Blog has regular updates relevant to the developer ecosystem. Subscribe to the RSS feed or follow us @atlassiandev on Twitter, to get official updates about anything Atlassian developer related. The Atlassian Developer Blog also has a number of posts about fascinating Java development techniques.

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Developer Email Center

In addition to blogging and tweeting updates and news, we also send emails to our community members who have subscribed via the Developer Email Center. Most importantly these emails tell you about early access builds of our newest products, which we provide to our development community to prepare you and your plugins for the next versions of our software.

To sign up at the Developer Email Center visit and go to the Email Preferences page. You'll find a preference panel at the bottom with subscription options for each product. Select the products you're interested in and click the "update" button.

Atlassian holds several events during the year to bring the developer community together. We like to have fun, and we think you'll find these events to be unlike any other developer event you've been to. Read on to learn more specific details about each event we put on.

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AtlasCamp: Atlassian's Developer Conference

AtlasCamp is Atlassian's premier developer conference, held every year during the fall in California's Half Moon Bay. Around 100 attendees gather for three days of talks, hacking, and networking with ecosystem members, Atlassian product managers, and Atlassian engineers. Take a look at the event archive below for an idea of AtlasCamp's content, and follow our various communication channels to be notified of the next AtlasCamp.

Atlassian Summit: Atlassian's Customer Conference

Every June for the last three years Atlassian has put on a customer conference in San Francisco called the Atlassian Summit. Though this conference is primarily customer focused, traditionally several of the talks have been focused on developers like you. Take a look at Summit '11's plugin development talk videos for a glimpse at Summit's plugin development content. And follow our company news blog to learn when tickets for Summit '12 are available.

Codegeist: Atlassian's Plugin Coding Competition

Codegeist is Atlassian's mostly-annual plugin coding competition. We kicked off our fifth installment of Codegeist in the Spring of 2011, giving away $45,000 in cash prizes in four prize categories. Codegeist is a great excuse to spend a weekend or three hacking on that plugin you've always wanted to build. Often we release new technology along with Codegeist, upping the stakes even more for the developers involved. Take a look at Codegeist's rules, entries, and timeline to get a better sense of what Codegeist is all about. And follow along for updates on the next Codegeist installment.

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