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Atlassian’s serverless app development platform, designed for building secure, reliable, and scalable apps.

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Forge makes it possible to build a fully-functional app in just a few hours, with hosting, multiple development environments, and API authentication built-in. Forge can be used to build custom apps and integrations or apps distributed through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Why Forge?

Forge helps you focus more on innovation and less on infrastructure.

We host, you build

Forge’s compute and storage features let you build apps hosted entirely on Atlassian infrastructure. You can write a single function and ship it, significantly reducing the amount of code needed to write and operate an app. Forge automatically creates your app’s development, staging, and production environments.

This was designed to make operating your app easier and more secure, and to save you time and running costs.

Secure by design

With Forge, you’re in control of how and when data leaves Atlassian cloud. As a FaaS platform Forge takes care of authentication, identity, scaling, and tenancy.

Forge apps run inside a second security layer that enforces tenancy isolation and data egress restriction by design. See our shared responsibility model, for what’s shared between you and Atlassian when building a Forge app.

With the built-in Storage API, FaaS and triggers, one can operate apps with virtually no owned infrastructure – which also makes the entire operation model not only incredibly cheap but also much more secure.

- Igor Andriuschenko,Supercharged

5600+ apps created

73,000+ Forge CLI downloads

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