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This page documents the CreateIssueModal class, which is available under Forge's Early Access Program (EAP).

Forge’s EAP offers experimental features to selected users for testing and feedback purposes. These features are not supported or recommended for use in production environments. They are also subject to change without notice.

For more information, see Forge EAP, Preview, and GA.

CreateIssueModal (EAP)

The CreateIssueModal class is available as an Early Access Program (EAP). Be aware that future changes may break your apps.

While custom fields are not supported now, they may be added in the future.

The CreateIssueModal class enables your custom UI app to open an issue create modal pre-filled with data you supply.

Class signature

interface CreateIssueModalOptions {
  context?: {
    projectId?: string;
    issueTypeId?: string;
    parentId?: string;
    summary?: string;
    description?: Record<string, any>;
    environment?: Record<string, any>;
    assignee?: string;
    reporter?: string;
    labels?: string[];
    duedate?: string;
    priority?: string;
    components?: string[];
    versions?: string[];
    fixVersions?: string[];
  onClose?: (args: {
    payload: {
      issueId: string;
  }) => void;

class CreateIssueModal {
  constructor(opts?: CreateIssueModalOptions);
  open(): Promise<void>;


  • onClose: A callback function that runs when the issue create modal is closed. The function is called with a list of the issues created.
  • context: Custom context that contains fields to pre-fill when the issue create modal opens.

The description and environment fields must be in an Atlassian Document Format.


This example shows how to open an issue create modal with pre-filled fields.

import { CreateIssueModal } from '@forge/jira-bridge';

const createIssueModal = new CreateIssueModal({
  onClose: (payload) => {
    console.log('CreateIssueModal is closed with', payload);
  context: {
    projectId: '10114',
    issueTypeId: '10004',
    parentId: '10152', // epic id
    summary: 'Issue summary',
    description: { version: 1, type: "doc", content: [] },
    environment: { version: 1, type: "doc", content: [] },
    assignee: '5cfa7fca3fa1890e7f17075e',
    reporter: '5cfa7fca3fa1890e7f17075e',
    labels: ['label-one', 'label-two'],
    duedate: '2022-02-28',
    priority: '2',
    components: ['10294', '10295'],
    versions: ['10039'],
    fixVersions: ['10039'],

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