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Limits and quotas

Limits and quotas in the app storage API may change with new releases and in response to your feedback.

Raise an issue in the Forge Jira project if these are too conservative or limit you from building meaningful apps.

Limits and quotas apply to each installation for your app. See the Partitioning section in the App storage API reference for further detail.

You should avoid using the app storage API for storing the following types of data:

  • Files
  • Secrets and credentials


The app storage API has the following limits:

  • Keys
    • A key may be up to 100 characters.
    • A key must match the regex /^[a-zA-Z0-9:._\s-#]+$/.
  • Entities
    • A value may be up to 32 KB when persisted.
  • Queries may only be performed on the key field.


When calling the app storage API, each installation has the following quotas.


Read and query operations are rate limited, with the following quotas:

  • 50 reads / second per installation.
  • 10 queries / second per installation.


Update and delete operations are rate limited, with the following quotas:

  • 10 updates / second per installation.
  • 10 deletes / second per installation.


Each app may store a maximum of 100 MB per installation.

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