Last updated Jul 10, 2023

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How can I get a Staff Picks badge on Marketplace?

Every quarter, about 200 apps apply to be featured on the Atlassian Marketplace. Of those applicants, 60-70 selected apps are assigned a Staff Picks badge and featured prominently in the Staff Picks section on one of the Marketplace homepages (main homepage, Jira, Confluence, JSM, Bitbucket, or the UPM carousel) for the duration of a quarter.

What are Staff Picks?

Our staff review the submissions and selects the apps that they think will provide the best possible experience for customers. The aim is to direct customers to apps that are most likely to add value, meet their needs, or solve their new and unique use cases.

Staff Picks are updated on a quarterly basis so that customers get to witness a dynamic experience with different apps featured in the Staff Picks category at regular intervals. It will also provide an opportunity for customers to discover new apps frequently.

While the Staff Picks process will always include some level of subjectivity, we do take some objective criteria into consideration for every app during the selection process.

Stated requirements for the objective criteria

The apps are considered based on the following factors sourced from your App Listing page:

  • Paid via Atlassian or free apps that don’t require a paid subscription
  • App must be available on cloud
  • App must be supported
  • Strong overall rating compared to the cohort in the category (3 stars and up)
  • Better number of installs compared to the cohort in the category
  • Established track record of success for partners with the customers

All apps that apply to be featured will be reviewed and accessed based on the number of installs. For newer apps, the install growth trends will be monitored to understand the growth rate depending on the number of installs. We’ll look at your app’s star rating from customers, and we’ll read through the reviews. The intention is to feature the apps that customers love, and that customers have endorsed recently. We’ll also be paying attention to how often the apps are updated and how responsive you are to the reviews.

Additional criteria for consideration

Paper iconPrivacy & Security tab completed
We will prioritize apps that have filled out the Privacy and Security tab completely. Filling out the Privacy and Security tab is an important step that elevates the trust posture of Marketplace and increases visibility on security indicators.Please note that we are currently in the process of reworking our entire Staff Picks program and hope to have more transparent criteria to share with everyone in due time.
Clock iconWhen and where an app was last featured
In order to ensure customers are seeing new featured apps on a regular basis (and to give all qualified apps the opportunity to be featured), we favor apps that were not featured in a given category in the last quarter. If your app was featured as a Staff Pick last quarter, we strongly recommend submitting for a different placement the next quarter.
Padlock iconParticipation in cloud app programs
Participating in programs like the Cloud Security Participant program or the Cloud Fortified program will give your submission a competitive advantage. It shows us that you take cloud security and trust as seriously as we do and that you’ll go the extra mile for customers.
Trophy iconPrivacy & Security tab completed
The requirements for the Marketplace Partner program include many of the indicators of quality and popularity that are already included in the Staff Picks requirements, so we do pay attention to partners’ partner program membership.

How can I submit my app?

Featured apps will be reviewed and refreshed at the beginning of each quarter. Atlassian reserves the right to update, remove, or deny featured app requests at any time.*

Our team reviews and responds to submissions within the first two weeks of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Please be sure to submit your apps by the deadlines:

  • December 31
  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30

To submit your app for the Staff Pick badge, submit your request here.

*Note: Just meeting these guidelines is not a guarantee your app will be featured every time.

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