Last updated Jun 5, 2020

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Having your app featured as a staff pick

We consider apps based on the following factors that we can see from your App Listing page:

  • Paid via Atlassian app or business development partnership
  • Must be a supported app
  • Strong number of installs compared to cohort in category
  • Strong overall rating compared to cohort in category
  • Track record of success with customers

Additionally in order to be considered for staff picks, apps should be available for multiple platforms and have a track record of success (high ratings, installs, frequent releases) or show a favorable trend of growth. Only apps selected for Staff Picks on the product homepages will receive the label. If you think your apps qualify to appear in Staff Picks or the featured sections of these new collection pages, please file a "Request to be featured ticket" via Marketplace Support.

Further help with marketing

There are several resources under the �Sell" section of our Marketplace documentation, which includes guides on optimizing traffic your app listing, increasing evaluations and conversion rate, and more.

You can also review the Developer Community post for more information on how to get the most out of our partner-friendly marketing channels.

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