Last updated May 30, 2023

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App Featuring on Marketplace

Staff Picks

Every quarter, about 200 apps apply to be featured on the Atlassian Marketplace. Of those applicants, 60-70 selected apps are assigned a Staff Picks badge, and featured prominently in the Staff Picks section on one of the Marketplace homepages (main homepage, Jira, Confluence, JSM, Bitbucket, or the UPM carousel) for the duration of a quarter.

Collection page featuring

You can also request to be added to one of our Collections pages, which we use to highlight common use cases for our customers both on the Marketplace and in marketing campaigns and experiments. These apps do not get a badge, but they do get increased visibility as a solution for a common customer use case, appearing high in search results for these use cases and showing up prominently on the Marketplace home page.

Stated criteria

We consider apps based on the following factors that we can see from your App Listing page:

  • Paid via Atlassian app or business development partnership
  • Must be a supported app
  • Strong number of installs compared to cohort in category
  • Strong overall rating compared to cohort in category
  • Track record of success with customers

Additional criteria considered

Additionally in order to be considered for featuring, apps should be available for multiple platforms and have a track record of success (high ratings, installs, frequent releases) or show a favorable trend of growth. We are also paying attention to how responsive you are to reviews.

We consider other differentiating factors, particularly when considering features for the more competitive pages, like the main homepage, Jira homepage, or Confluence homepage. These differentiating factors include:

  • Privacy and Security tab completed: To elevate the trust posture of Marketplace and to increase visibility on security indicators, we encourage partners to complete the Privacy and Security tab for cloud apps. The tab provides detailed information on data handling, privacy, security, and compliance practices followed by the apps, which helps customers during the app evaluation and procurement process.

  • Availability for cloud customers: If your app is not available in cloud, but it has high installs, great reviews and recent updates and is available for data center, it will still be considered, particularly for less competitive categories. Apps that are only available for server are rarely selected, given our announcement that we are moving away from server.

  • When and where the app was last featured: In order to ensure customers are seeing new featured apps on a regular basis (and to give all qualified apps the opportunity to be featured), we favor apps that were not featured in a given category in the last quarter. If your app was featured in a popular location like the Jira homepage, last quarter, this is something to keep in mind when applying again for the same feature location.

  • Participation in cloud app programs: Participating in programs like the Cloud Security Participant program or the Cloud Fortified program will definitely offer some competitive advantage. It shows us that you take cloud security and trust as seriously as we do, and that you will go the extra mile for customers.

  • Participation in the Marketplace Partner Program: The requirements for the Marketplace Partner program include many of the indicators of quality and popularity that are already included in the Staff Picks requirements, so we do pay attention to partner program membership.

  • Documentation: Customers care about documentation, and often consult these pages when considering whether to start an evaluation. We want customers to have a great experience, so we examine docs as part of Staff Picks as well. If the selection process is very competitive and you have got dynamite documentation, this could help you stand out.

Only apps selected for Staff Picks on the product homepages will receive the label. If you think your apps qualify, please file a "Request to be featured ticket" via Marketplace Support.

Submission process

Featured apps will be reviewed and refreshed at the beginning of each quarter, ensuring customers always see what is best on the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian reserves the right to update, remove, or deny featured app requests at any time.*

Our team reviews and responds to submissions within the first 2 weeks of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, October). Because the process can be competitive (about 1 in 3 apps who submit are chosen be featured), be sure to submit your apps by the deadlines (December 31, March 31, June 30, September 30).

To submit your app for Staff Pick of Collection page featuring, submit your request here.

Note: Just meeting these guidelines is not a guarantee your app will be featured every time.

Further help with marketing

There are several resources under the "Sell" section of our Marketplace documentation, which includes guides on optimizing traffic your app listing, increasing evaluations and conversion rate, and more.

You can also review the Developer Community post for more information on how to get the most out of our partner-friendly marketing channels.

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