Marketplace basics

What's the Atlassian Marketplace?

The Atlassian Marketplace is a platform where developers sell add-ons for Atlassian products. There's no cost to list add-ons in the Marketplace. The Marketplace lets you access Atlassian's large customer base so you can market add-ons for our products like JIRA and Confluence. Add-on developers, or vendors, on the Marketplace:

  • Use Atlassian licensing support inside their add-on
  • Use Atlassian's payment and billing systems to collect license fees
  • Have access to Marketplace-generated sales and licensing reports

How do I get an account with the Marketplace?

To get an account with the Marketplace, create an account with AtlassianID. Use these credentials to log into the Marketplace.

What's an add-on vendor? 

Add-ons belong to vendors. A vendor profile describes the company that "owns" the add-on. For example, Atlassian and Gliffy are vendors. If you're an individual author without a parent company, (e.g., Ross Rowe) then create a vendor profile using your name. Your user account must be associated with a vendor profile before you can modify that vendor's add-on listing.

How do I associate my account with a vendor profile?

If your account should belong to a particular vendor but doesn't, ask somebody on the account to add you. Here's how they can do this: 

  1. Log into the vendor account, and navigate to the Manage vendor page.
    You can access this page via the Manage listings link in the header.
  2. Click Contacts.
  3. Click Add contact.
  4. Enter the email address and click Add.

If there is no other user for your vendor profile, then email and we'll add your information for you.

How do I get support for Marketplace issues?

 The Marketplace has a vibrant add-on vendor Google Group. We recommend joining the Marketplace vendor mailing list on Google Groups.

Alternately, for non-vendor support, you can ask a question via Atlassian Answers.

  1. Log into

    Answers uses the same username/password combination you use on MyAtlassian.

  2. Choose the Ask A Question link.

    The system displays the Ask A Question page.

  3. Fill out the form.

  4. Add the keyword "marketplace" to the tags field.

To contact Atlassian directly about an add-on listing, send an email to

How do add-on customers get support? 

 If you offer support for your add-on, the Get support button is on the Support tab on your add-on details page. This tab also lists other resources including documentation links, issue trackers, forums, and more. Add-on customers are discouraged from writing reviews to get support, and should instead contact vendors directly.

What's the difference between deployable and non-deployable add-ons?

The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) can install add-ons automatically into Atlassian applications. However, some items in the Atlassian Marketplace may not be suitable for automatic installation.

The Create new add-on form has a Deployable option that indicates whether an add-on installs with UPM. You should not check the Deployable option if your add-on consists of multiple JARs. The Atlassian Marketplace and UPM do not support TryBuyInstallUpgrade, and Renew buttons for non-deployable add-ons. Non-deployable add-ons cannot be sold under the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Agreement as they do not support the UPM licensing API.

Additionally, if your add-on requires multiple downloads, configuration or license files on the file system, or if your add-on is not meant to be installed into the host product (like JIRA Client, for example), then do not check the Deployable option. Your add-on is still available for download, but the UPM does not attempt to install it in the host product.

Can I sell add-ons for users in the cloud?

Yes! Get started building an add-on using Atlassian Connect.

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