Why can't I change my add-on's payment model?

Problem Description

When trying to change the Payment model for an existing add-on the following message is displayed in the UI:


You can't alter the Payment model for existing add-ons in the following scenarios:

Paid via Atlassian → Paid via Vendor

Paid via Atlassian → Free

Free → Paid via Atlassian

Paid via Vendor → Paid via Atlassian

You can change the Payment model in the following situations:

Free → Paid via Vendor

Paid via Vendor → Free


In order to change the Payment model for an existing add-on (bar the two situations listed above) you'll need to release a new version with this change in place.

If the add-on is transitioning to paid via Atlassian then you must ensure that the required licensing parameters are added, as detailed below.

For Server add-ons

In your pom.xml and atlassian-plugin.xml.

For details on this please refer to:

Tutorial: Adding licensing support to your add-on

For Connect add-ons

Set the enableLicensing flag in the add-on descriptor file (atlassian-connect.json) to true.

For further details on this please refer to:


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