Marketplace Contributor Benefits

We're excited to announce new and updated program benefits for Marketplace Contributors. If you've set up your vendor profile in the Atlassian Marketplace, and have an active Marketplace listing (or are on your way to getting one) we want to provide you with the tools you need to manage your add-on business - from developing the features your customers crave to providing legendary customer service that keeps them wanting more!

Free Developer Instances

If you're already a developer or are thinking about developing for Atlassian, we'll give you a free developer instance to make it easier than ever to develop and test on our products. 

What's a developer instance?

A developer instance includes Atlassian Cloud licenses for:

  • JIRA Core: 5 users 
  • JIRA Software: 5 users 
  • Confluence: 5 users 
  • JIRA Service Desk: 1 agent 

The details:

Developer instances should only be used for development and testing. If you need this for production purposes please consider using the free support tools benefit.

How to apply:

  1. No request forms needed here... get started with your development instance today

Free Support Tools

If you're a Marketplace Vendor with at least one Paid-via-Atlassian add-on, we'll give you free Atlassian software to help reduce your costs for customer support.

What's included?

This package includes Atlassian Cloud licenses for:

  • JIRA Service Desk: 10 agents
  • JIRA Software: 100 users
  • Confluence: 100 users
  • Status Page: Business Tier

Using JIRA Service Desk as your support ticketing system helps create a consistent experience for your customers and ours.

The details

Support Metrics Data Collection

We're developing an add-on to collect and aggregate data from participants of this program benefit which will allow us to understand support trends using key metrics like: support volume, response times, resolution times, bounce rates and customer satisfaction. This data is anonymized, in fact, we're not collecting any personal information (email addresses, user names, etc.). The data will be stored securely in our internal database and is only used in aggregate to improve add-on discovery and the customer support experience.

With this information we could:

  • assist with spikes in support volumes
  • set better expectations around response/ resolution times with customers and the Atlassian Support team
  • improve customer satisfaction ratings on your marketplace listings 
  • and much more...

If you're interested in the above but don't want to participate in the free license program, or have a question, please let us know by creating a request on JIRA Service Desk for Marketplace Vendors

How to apply

  1. Fill out this request form on JIRA Service Desk for Marketplace Vendors.


What if you need a larger tier size?

The Marketplace Contributor Discount which offers: JIRA Service Desk Cloud: 25 agents, JIRA Software Cloud: 500 users, and Confluence Cloud: 500 users is still available, but requests must be approved by Atlassian. We are no longer accepting requests for the Marketplace Contributor Discount for any vendor who does not have at least one paid-via-Atlassian add-on currently listed in the Marketplace and approval is contingent upon agreeing to participate in the support metrics data sharing program. We are not approving any requests beyond the current Marketplace Contributor Discount tier size limitations. 

What if you are also an Atlassian Solutions Partner?

If you are an Atlassian Solutions Partner you may be eligible to receive additional benefits which include: Server and Data Center offerings, additional products like Trello, Bitbucket and Hipchat, and higher tiers (for server and data center offerings only). If you receive free license benefits through the Solutions Partner program you will not be eligible to receive additional benefits through the Marketplace Contributor program. 

Are there any options for hosting my add-on source code?

If you want source code hosting along with a simple issue tracker and wiki, we're happy to point you to Bitbucket. Free for small teams of up to 5 users!

I already have a cloud instance for my add-on projects. Can I convert my billing to this offer?

If your instance meets the other requirements, yes. Just create a new request anyway and we'll figure out the details from there. 

I have multiple Paid-via-Atlassian add-ons. How many instances can I apply for?

We can only offer this benefit for one instance per company. 

I have a question not answered here. What do I do?

See the documentation or visit our help portal here. We'll help!

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