Marketplace Contributor discount

We've updated our benefits

We're excited to announce changes to our benefits program for Marketplace Contributors which include new tiers and additional products. Please read the full details of our updated offerings on this page: Marketplace vendor benefits.

Atlassian Cloud makes it easier then ever to use products like JIRA and Confluence. Cloud customers use any combination of Atlassian products, paying only for what they need. All while never having to install or maintain their application instances. 

Just like server customers, cloud customers are eager to extend their instances with add-ons. With that in mind we want to make it easier then ever to develop and list an add-on into the Atlassian Marketplace.  

Marketplace Contributor discount

As an add-on developer, you can use our cloud applications to track and collaborate on the development of your Atlassian add-on. This is particularly useful if any of these describe you:

  • You have a team of at least several people working on your add-on.
  • You need an instance to develop your add-on against.
  • You need the best, most flexible issue and project tracking software.
  • You already have issue data in JIRA or content in Confluence you'd like to keep.

Discount details

Atlassian is delighted to offer our developer community a special deal on our cloud products for developing and supporting add-ons!

We've learned that many popular add-on projects serve large user communities, and that while the number of active contributors to an add-on may be small, there may be dozens or hundreds of add-on users who contribute through JIRA issues or Confluence pages. We want to make sure that developers using cloud applications are able to communicate with all of their users.

Therefore, we are pleased to make the following offer:

  • JIRA Service Desk: 25 agents - free
  • JIRA Software Cloud: 500 users -  free
  • Confluence Cloud: 500 users - free

Requests must be approved by Atlassian. We are no longer accepting requests for the Marketplace Contributor Discount for any vendor who does not have at least one paid via Atlassian add-on currently listed in the Marketplace and approval is contingent upon agreeing to participate in the support metrics data sharing program.

Apply for discount

  1. Fill out this request form on JIRA Service Desk for Marketplace Vendors.

FAQ for Marketplace Contributor discount

How many instances can I apply to convert to this offer?

We can only offer this benefit for one instance per company. 

Can I track other projects in my cloud instance unrelated to Atlassian add-ons?

This offer is intended to help developers who want to contribute new or improved add-ons to our ecosystem via the Marketplace. This instance is provided to support your development work related to ecosystem add-on(s) only, any other projects need to managed in a separate (list price) paid instance. As part of our standard cloud application support offering, we monitor all instances and your community license can be rescinded under Section 11: No-Charge Products of the Atlassian Customer Agreement.

My add-on has more than 500 users how can we provide support to all those users?

We suggest that you use JIRA Service desk to have your users report bugs so that your users will not need to be licensed.  With JIRA Service Desk only JIRA users (collaborators) and Service Desk agents need to be licensed and thus you can keep your licensing costs low. 

I already have a cloud instance for my add-on projects. Can I convert my billing to this offer?

If your instance meets the other requirements, yes. Just create a new request anyway and we'll figure out the details from there. 

Are there any options for hosting my add-on source code?

If you want source code hosting along with a simple issue tracker and wiki, we're happy to point you to Bitbucket. Sign up and have as many private repositories as you like for free!

I have a question not answered here. What do I do?

See the documentation or visit our help portal here. We'll help!

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