Last updatedSep 10, 2019

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Plugin resources

If your plugin requires a lot of resources, you may wish to expose a directory of files as resources, rather than writing definitions for each individual file.

<resource type="download" name="icons/" location="templates/extra/autofavourite/icons/"/>
  • The name and location must both have trailing slashes
  • Subdirectories are also exposed, so in the example above, icons/small/icn_auto_fav.gif will be mapped to the resourcetemplates/extra/autofavourite/icons/small/icn_auto_fav.gif

After defining the downloadable resources directory, you can refer to it by URL. The URL for a downloadable resource is as follows:
{server root}/download/resources/

{plugin key}:{module key}/{resource name}

NOTE:  {module key} is optional.

For example:

For details:
Downloadable Plugin Resources

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