Last updated Jan 27, 2022

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AUI 5.7 to 5.9 upgrade

As part of JIRA 7.2.0, the AUI library was upgraded from version 5.7.31 to 5.9.22.


  • 5.9.8 AUI was adding deprecated classes when AJS.messages was being called. This has since been removed. AJS.messages.warning will add .aui-message-warning only, not .warning.
  • 5.9.0 <aui-inline-dialog>'s isVisible()show(), and hide() have been removed. Use the open property instead.
  • 5.9.0 <aui-inline-dialog>'s aui-layer-show and aui-layer-hide events have been removed. Use aui-show and aui-hide instead.
  • 5.8.13 removed CSS vendor prefixes for box-sizing and transition


  • 5.9.0 All usage of named AMD modules. Use UMD source instead.
  • 5.9.0 AJS()AJS.filterBySearch()AJS.include()AJS.setVisible()AJS.setCurrent(), and AJS.isVisible() have been deprecated. Use jQuery or native alternatives instead.
  • 5.9.0 RESTful table helper methods (AJS.triggerEvt()AJS.bindEvt(), and AJS.triggerEvtForInst()) have been deprecated and moved to RESTful table.
  • 5.9.0 Accessing the jQuery element on form validation fields via field.$el has been deprecated. Use field.el instead, which contains the native DOM element.
  • 5.9.0 .aui-badge class-based API for Badges has been deprecated. Use the <aui-badge> web component API instead.


  • 5.9.13 Upgraded Skate to 0.13.16. Skate no longer shares an element registry with older versions. This was causing problems with the lifecycles being initialised multiple times.
  • 5.9.1 AUI datepicker internationalisation files have been changed from .properties files to .js files, for more modular consumption in plugins.
  • 5.9.1 An ID given to an <aui-select> is no longer moved to the <input> of the expanded DOM. Instead it behaves in line with the <aui-toggle>, adding the given ID with a suffix '-input' to the <input> of the expanded DOM.
  • 5.9.1 (perf) Removed fraction support for jQuery < 1.5
  • 5.9.1 (cosmetic) Min- and maxlength error messages for form validation are now more precise
  • 5.9.1 (cosmetic) Form validation message adapts when minlength == maxlength
  • 5.9.0 Refactored build from grunt to gulp.
  • 5.9.0 Experimental components no longer need a require() call to load them.
  • 5.9.0 <aui-inline-dialog2> was renamed to <aui-inline-dialog>.
  • 5.9.0 <aui-inline-dialog> no longer needs a require() call to load it.
  • 5.9.0 <aui-inline-dialog>'s persistent attribute is now a boolean attribute.
  • 5.8.17 Converted date picker to use properties files instead of hardcoded values.
  • 5.8.13 Backport of jQuery UI feature detection performance improvement.
  • 5.8.13 "More" menu for responsive header is now lazily created to reduce work in onReady.
  • 5.8.13 Removed base64-encoded data URIs for icons from sidebar CSS. Changed to reference actual icon files now.
  • 5.8.12 Clicking on empty space in sidebar no longer collapses or expands it.
  • 5.8.11 dropdown2's .aui-dropdown2-checkbox and .aui-dropdown2-radio have had their isDisabled() method replaced with isEnabled().

New AUI features overview

Upgrade overview

Upgrade notes (AUI 5.7 to 5.8)

Upgrade notes (AUI 5.8 to 5.9)

See the detailed notes at

Necessary compilation changes

You will need to compile against the latest version of JIRA in order to get updates to JIRA's page objects.

You will also need to ensure you use the latest testkit and atlassian-selenium versions.

Here are the minimum recommended versions of maven dependencies:

com.atlassian.jiraatlassian-jira-pageobjects(Same as your JIRA version)
com.atlassian.jirajira-api(Same as your JIRA version)
com.atlassian.jirajira-func-test-plugin(Same as your JIRA version)

Upgrade troubleshooting

An AUI element is appearing in a place I didn't expect it to

Consult the AUI upgrade guide:

Some important things to note:

  • AUI Inline Dialog2 was renamed and turned in to a custom element: <aui-inline-dialog>. No "aui-" prefixed CSS classes should be added to this custom element now!
  • Dropdown2 had an accessibility audit. The HTML pattern changed, and the aria-owns attribute needs to be changed to aria-controls.

My inline dialog element is rendering strangely

Ensure you are using the <aui-inline-dialog> web component, then:

  • Remove any "aui-" prefixed CSS classes from the element, particularly "aui-inline-dialog", "aui-inline-dialog2", and "aui-layer".
  • Remove any nested <div class="aui-inline-dialog-contents"> element from the component.

I get a cryptic javascript error of "cannot ready property 'persistent' of undefined"

This error can occur when either an AUI legacy Inline Dialog or dropdown is to be opened or closed.

Check that your <aui-inline-dialog> elements do NOT have a class of "aui-inline-dialog" added to them.

If the "aui-inline-dialog" CSS class is added to the element, AUI will treat the dialog like a legacy Inline Dialog component, whose API is incompatible with the new one.

I get a "Cannot extend final class" error when compiling my tests

The Google gson library is too old, along with the httpcomponents libraries.

You need a minimum of:

  • httpcomponents.httpclient 4.4.1
  • httpcomponents.httpcore 4.4.1
  • gson 2.3.1

I get "UnreachableBrowserException" with "NumberFormatException" while executing JS code in Webdrivers

Once again, check your google gson version. Make sure it is >= 2.3.

I get a "UniformClientException" with either a 404 or 503

Check further up your JIRA logs. You will probably see problems installing or initialising the TestKit and/or jira-func-test-plugin plugins.

You need to update the version of TestKit and the jira-func-test-plugin that gets installed with your integration tests.

Check your pom.xml and the configuration section for the maven-jira-plugin and ensure it is installing the latest versions.

Some elements do not appear within the visible section of the browser window

Firebug may be getting in the way of your webdriver tests. To remedy, you can add a nofirebug maven profile to your test suite:


AUI + Selenium problems

Tests are failing with "Cannot click element ... is behind [an aui blanket]"

Occasionally, animations of dialogs opening or closing may get in the way of your tests.

To circumvent this, you can use the AUIBlanket#waitUntilClosed helper from JIRA's page objects in your test body.

Tests are failing with "Cannot click element ... is behind [something that looks like a flag or message]"

If flags are in your way,

  • Use the AUIFlags#closeAllFlags helper from JIRA's page objects in your test body.

Alternatively, if you do not care about any flags in your tests,

  • Add the ClearFlagsRule to the plugin's test runner (if you're compiling against JIRA QR20160519114447 or later)
  • Add the NPSRule to the plugin's test runner (if you're compiling against JIRA QR20160519114447 or later)

If your test class extends JIRA's BaseJiraWebTest class, or you use the JiraWebTestRules#forJira method to pull in rules, you will get these rules enabled automatically.

I expected to see a flag, but it is not appearing in my test

Flags are disabled by default in JIRA webdriver tests (if you are using the base JIRA test rules).

To enable flags in your class or individual test, use the @EnableAUIFlags annotation.

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