Last updated Jan 9, 2020

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Working with Inline Edit in JIRA 5.1

With the introduction of inline edit in JIRA 5.1, it is important that all plugin modules (issue operations, issue tab panels, web panels, etc.) are registered in atlassian-plugin.xml to ensure that these modules work correctly with the refreshed information on the 'view issue' page after a successfully submitted inline edit.

If these plugin modules are not registered in atlassian-plugin.xml but are simply injected into the page using JavaScript, the elements will disappear from the page. For example, the following pattern examples must be avoided:

// Injecting a web panel on DOM ready
// This panel will disappear after a successful inline edit. The correct
// approach is to register it in atlassian-plugin.xml and, if necessary,
// reconfigure it when the NEW_CONTENT_ADDED event is triggered.
AJS.$(function() {
    var html = [
        "<div class='module toggle-wrap'>",
            "<div class='mod-header'>",
                "<h3 class='toggle-title'>Custom Web Panel</h3>",
            "<div class='mod-content'>",
                "Panel content.",
// Connecting event handlers on DOM ready
// This event handler may not work after a successful inline edit. If it is
// required, configuration should instead be performed when the
// NEW_CONTENT_ADDED event is triggered.
AJS.$(function() {
    AJS.$("#my-element").on("click", function() {
        // ...

For more information about working with inline edit, see Guide - Inline edit for JIRA plugins.

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