Introducing Atlassian Connect

Build, install and sell add-ons for JIRA and Confluence OnDemand

What is Atlassian Connect?

You can use the Atlassian Connect framework to build add-ons for Atlassian applications like JIRA, Confluence, and HipChat. An add-on could be an integration with another existing service, new features for the Atlassian application, or even a new product that runs within the Atlassian application.

What is an Atlassian Connect add-on?

Simply understood, Atlassian Connect add-ons are web applications. Atlassian Connect add-ons operate remotely over HTTP and can be written with any programming language and web framework.

Fundamentally, Atlassian Connect add-ons have three major capabilities:

  1. Insert content in certain defined places in the Atlassian application's UI.
  2. Make calls to the Atlassian application's REST API.
  3. Listen and respond to WebHooks fired by the Atlassian application.