Development Setup

Our development environments are for development and testing use only. They are not intended for production use, and are not supported as such.

This page walks you through setting up an add-on development environment for JIRA and Confluence Cloud.

The steps below guide you through setting up and installing an add-on on your new development environment:

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Step 1. Getting a development version of JIRA and Confluence

To get your development environment:

  1. Go to and sign up for a free development environment.
  2. Follow any instructions and complete the onboarding experience.

Step 2. Enable development mode

This step will turn development mode on in your JIRA or Confluence instance. This allows you to install add-on descriptors from any public URL, rather than requiring a private Marketplace listing and URL.

To enable development mode on your development environment:

  1. Go to the Manage add-ons page in JIRA or Confluence.
    • For JIRA: Click the cog in the top right of the header and select Add-ons from the dropdown. After the page has loaded then select Manage add-ons from the left sidebar.
    • For Confluence: Press the '/' key and then type Manage add-ons in the quick-nav and select the correct option from the dropdown.
  2. On the Manage add-ons page, scroll down and click Settings.
  3. Select Enable development mode, and then click Apply.

After the page refreshes, the Upload add-on button will be visible. This button creates a dialog in which to paste the URL of a add-on descriptor to be able to install it. When you wish to upload an Atlassian Connect add-on to this instance, just enter a link to the add-ons descriptor in the Upload add-on dialog.

Step 3. Install an add-on

In this step you are going to install a Hello World add-on into your new cloud development environment.

  1. Go to the Manage add-ons page (see above).
  2. Click on the Upload add-on button.
  3. Copy one of the URLs below, paste it into the text box, and then click Upload.

    This downloads the Hello World add-on's descriptor and installs it into your development instance.

To test that the add-on is installed, refresh the page and click the Click me link in the top header.


You have now installed your first development add-on in your development environment.

From here you can: