JIRA Software REST Scopes

For more information about the JIRA Software REST APIs, please refer to the documentation on

The required scope for your add-on depends on how you interact with the resources that are exposed by the REST API. The table below shows the required scope for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operations on a resource path. REST resources are versioned by a path segment that varies with the version. The supported versions are listed below the path.

Some APIs below are marked as  Private. As opposed to public APIs, private APIs don't follow the principles described in the REST API Policy. While we strive to keep private APIs backward-compatible, we cannot guarantee compatibility. Private APIs can also be replaced by new public APIs and may become deprecated over time.

Sub-resources are also available. For example, because  /rest/api/2/issue  is available,  /rest/api/2/issue/{key}/comment  is also available.





The example above means that a GET operation on
  • /rest/atlassian-connect/1/license
  • /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license

will require your add-on to declare the READ scope. The example also shows that this specific resource only supports GET, but no other HTTP verbs.

Resources and their Associated Scopes