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Bamboo 1.0 and later

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This defines a report module. A report module will appear under the Reports tab.

A report typically consists of two objects:

  • A ReportCollector object implementing the com.atlassian.bamboo.reports.collector.ReportCollector interface. This takes in a list of builds and generates a DataSet.
  • A ReportLineChart object extending the com.atlassian.bamboo.reports.charts.BambooReportLineChart class. This chart will be responsible for rendering the dataset results generated by the ReportCollector. Charts in Bamboo are generated via jFreeChart

Sample Module Descriptor Element

<report key="ratioOfSuccess" name="Percentage of Successful Builds"
    <description>Comparing success percentages gives you an idea of how stable a build is compared to one another.
      100% means your build is always rock solid. 0% means something is seriously wrong.</description>
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