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Last updatedOct 16, 2020

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Moving from server to cloud for developers

We’re making changes to our server and Data Center products, including a timeline for the the end of server sales and support. To learn more about our plan and how it affects you, read the Journey to cloud blog post.


Existing server customers will continue to get maintenance and support for their licenses for up to three years at their current maintenance fees. After three years, customers must move to either Data Center or cloud.

February 2, 2021End of sale for new server licenses for Atlassian products
May 1, 2021End of new server app submissions on Marketplace
February 2, 2022End of upgrades and downgrades for server products and apps
February 2, 2023End of server app sales for existing licenses
February 2, 2024End of support for Atlassian server products and apps

Your customers will be planning their move from our server products to our cloud products as well, but you should support your customers until you retire your server app some time during the next three years. You can help your customer move to your cloud solution when it’s ready.

How to plan for the changes

If you don’t already have a cloud solution, we can help you learn how to get started. For more information, see the Cloud development platform overview.

Once you have developed a cloud version of your app, you can help server customers migrate using our data migration tools. Use the App migration platform APIs to integrate your existing migration paths with the Cloud Migrations Assistants or build your own migration path to cloud. This helps your customers stay on board as they also migrate to the cloud.

Unlike server apps, which can communicate with the host product directly using Java calls, cloud apps built with the Connect or Forge frameworks communicate mainly using HTTP requests.

It might not be possible to use your existing server app code for a cloud equivalent. You’ll need to decide which technology stack you’ll use to build, host, release, and monitor your cloud app, and how you’ll use Atlassian’s REST APIs, webhooks, and modules to implement its features. For more information, see Comparing deployment options.

Where to get help

If you need help, take a look at End of new server sales: resources and support for the ecosystem in the Atlassian Developer Community forum. To help us triage your feedback faster:

  • If you are a Marketplace Partner with paid via Atlassian apps, see the Marketplace guide in the Partner Portal
  • If you don’t have access to the Partner Portal, leave your questions and feedback in the Atlassian Developer Community forum with the tag server-eos

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