Last updated Nov 6, 2023

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Evaluate cloud

Before you determine your cloud price and strategy, it’s important to know if, and how, cloud can work for you and your business. Use this page as your cloud pre-requisites checklist.

After February 15, 2024, there'll be no more support for server products or Marketplace apps.

If you have an existing server app on Marketplace, check out our guide to Moving your apps and customers to cloud.

Learn how customers evaluate trust in cloud

Meeting your customer’s trust needs in cloud is critical to their decision-making. Before you determine how to build your app, ensure you can make it secure by design. You’ll want to consider aspects of trust such as your legal obligations and data egress.

Diagram of what you can do to build customer trust

Check your cloud development options

We offer a number of cloud development options:

  • Forge, Atlassian's serverless app development platform with security and authentication built-in, designed to make it faster for you to build fully functioning apps.
  • Connect, where you can control your tech stack, but will need to handle security and authentication with external providers.
  • External apps, scripts, and integrations best suited for projects that don't need any UI elements.

If your server app code can't use a cloud equivalent, you could also consider Data Center.

Check out the APIs for Forge and Connect

Evaluate how our Cloud development options can meet your needs:


Forge is Atlassian’s serverless app development platform designed for building secure, reliable, and scalable apps. Forge automatically creates three staging environments for you, reducing the time in shipping your app.

  • Forge adoption for server apps
  • Runtime Forge APIs
  • Atlassian | Forge in 5, Episode 1: Intro to building Atlassian apps


Connect is a framework that gives you control over the tech stack, infrastructure, and integration with Atlassian cloud products. Start with the Connect documentation for the Atlassian product you’re building for:

  • Jira Cloud
  • Confluence Cloud
  • Bitbucket Cloud

Review the development roadmaps for Forge and Connect

Development roadmaps

View the:

  • Atlassian Connect roadmap
  • Forge roadmap for developers

If you have API dependencies, letting us know can help influence our roadmap.

If you’re currently blocked from building or enhancing the cloud version of your app, Report a cloud app development issue on Developer and Marketplace Support.

We’re building new cloud API capabilities and prioritizing those needed to get server apps to cloud.

Developer changelog

The Atlassian developer changelog shows all Atlassian changes. You can filter to your product or platform preferences.

Atlassian developer status page

The Atlassian developer status page shares updates on major Ecosystem incidents.

Check incident updates shares our incident management process.

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