Last updated Jan 20, 2023

Atlassian communication channels

If you're an Atlassian developer or Marketplace Partner, here you'll find where to go for relevant updates and resources.

Check the changelog

For all Atlassian changes, check the Atlassian Developer Changelog. This changelog displays all product and platform updates.

  • View changes across multiple products
  • Subscribe and customize the RSS feed for updates relevant to you

Specific product or platform changes

Each product and platform also has its own changelog. You can find these in their individual documentation sets. For example, the Forge changelog is in its top menu navigation, besides Get help.

You can view and subscribe to changes for each product and platform, including:

When you're logged in to Atlassian Developer and browsing a specific documentation set, next to Changelog, you'll find a red notification if there are new updates since your last visit.

Access the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is a one-stop shop for Atlassian Marketplace Partners.

To apply for Partner Portal access, you need at least one paid-via-Atlassian app and a private domain:

  1. Visit Developer and Marketplace support.
  2. Select Partner resources.
  3. Select Access the Partner Portal.
  4. Submit the form with your details, including your Vendor ID.

On the portal you'll find:

Learn more about becoming a Marketplace Partner.

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Get help

See Get help and give feedback for:

  • Technical and partner support
  • How to report a bug or critical incident
  • Atlassian platform status and services

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